School Readiness Funding

The Centre for Community Child Health has a variety of evidence-based learning opportunities and resources that feature on the Department of Education and Training’s School Readiness Funding menu.

Our resources aim to help educators and managers to positively influence children’s health, learning and development as well as support families, educators and the broader community – using School Readiness Funding.

Explore our resources

From evidence to application 

Our resources draw on our Centre’s research and clinical work and help educators to apply the best available evidence to improve children’s development.

We have packaged our School Readiness Funding resources in a range of formats to suit your learning needs, including face-to-face workshops,eLearning and information sheets, and we have curated resources into themes to help you quickly identify the right opportunity for you.

We have resources:

  • for early childhood educators and managers
  • to help you engage more effectively with families
  • to help create a continuum of learning in the early years.

Early childhood educators might like to enhance their knowledge on how they can positively shape early childhood learning and development from 0-8 years with Laying the Foundations eLearning, or facilitate literacy-rich learning environments with the Let’s Read program.

Kindergarten managers may be interested in the  Engaging families face-to-face workshop to help staff explore the perspectives of families who find it difficult to engage with early years services and build their skills on how to build better relationships with parents.

For more information on the CCCH School Readiness Funding Program contact

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