GenV – the door’s always open!

Together, we can make this the healthiest generation ever – families and services can help make this happen.

GenV (short for Generation Victoria) is Australia’s largest child and parent research study with over 115,000 participants already taking part. Built by the Victorian community, GenV aims to improve the health and wellbeing for all Australians by working to create a complete picture of health and development in Victoria. At its scale, GenV is the first study of its kind in Australia, one of only a few similar studies internationally, and the only one in the last decade. This landmark study is led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) at The Royal Children’s Hospital, with partners across Victoria and Australia.

Everyone can help GenV reach our goal of better prediction, prevention and treatments of complex problems, with GenV already delivering impact through our collaborative studies. Some examples include:

  • a statewide hip dysplasia registry for better prediction, treatments and outcomes
  • finding ways to eliminate the impacts (deafness and disability) of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV)
  • GenV has the world’s largest collection of breastmilk and stool samples – imagine the possibilities!


Families – you can join us!

GenV is built by and for Victorian families. It’s never too late to join. GenV is open to all parents living in Victoria who had a child from 4 October 2021 – 3 October 2023. GenV is inclusive of all Victorian families – no matter who you are, where you live, or what language you speak. The more families that join, the more we can understand and support families from every community.

The door’s always open – joining is simple and voluntary. Interested parents can contact us via our website, phone (1800 GEN VVV or 1800 436 888) or email (


Health and community services – you can contribute!

For health and community services caring for families, your support to help us reach every eligible family is greatly appreciated. The more families who you see that participate, the more valuable it will be for services like yours. Over time, GenV can help services understand the long-term outcomes of the types of families you work with. Services like Maternal and Child Health may have already noticed our GenV stickers in families “Green Books”, posters in clinics might be up, and you may be asking families if they are part of GenV. It’s quick, simple, and up to services when capacity allows. Every effort helps!

GenV is open to collaborations to improve outcomes and will have data available from 2025. Data are de-identified with secure access following best-practice guidelines.


If you are interested in supporting GenV, getting posters or brochures for your clinic/service, or have any questions, please contact

Thank you to our GenV families, staff, partners and supporters, including The Centre for Community Child Health, helping make this the healthiest generation ever.

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