Adolescence and the next generation

Re-promoting a past feature article, global megatrends are changing patterns of #adolescent health, development and wellbeing: this has implications for the healthy start to life for the #nextgeneration.

middle years policy brief

Researchers call for policy shift to focus on middle years of schooling News in brief: A significant number of students in the middle school years across Australia have emotional and … Continued

Adolescent wellbeing

How do the 5 domains of #AdolescentWellbeing play a role in your life, or the lives of those around you? Read more here.

Computer use and academic results

In this first longitudinal study of electronic media use in primary school children, results find that children with heavy TV or computer use had reduced academic results 2 yrs later.

Rapid infectious disease shifts

New study on Chinese infectious diseases in children and adolescents highlights a need for ongoing surveillance, preparedness and rapid responses to unpredictable and seasonal novel infections.