Driving responsive actions for adolescent health in our region: data as an essential foundation

Adolescent health needs vary substantially across our region, but also within countries by age, gender, ethnicity, remoteness and other factors. For health actions to be responsive to need, we need good quality data that defines these needs. In this session we will highlight efforts globally, regionally and nationally using population data, and we will present a case study of understanding the contemporary drivers of adolescent pregnancy in our region.

World Conference on Health in Detention

Justice Health Unit features at 1st World Conference on Health in Detention Prof Stuart Kinner, Head, Justice Health Unit, University of Melbourne, and Justice Health Group, MCRI along with A/Prof Rohan Borschmann and Louise Southalan, featured at the 1st World Conference on Health in Detention held in Geneva from 27-29 June 2022. The Justice Health Unit (JHU), along with the … Continued