Rapid infectious disease shifts

New study on Chinese infectious diseases in children and adolescents highlights a need for ongoing surveillance, preparedness and rapid responses to unpredictable and seasonal novel infections.

Geoffrey Norman Handbury AO

The Centre for Adolescent Health is enormously grateful to Geoff Handbury AO, a generous benefactor of our work for the past 25 years who died at home in late November, aged 94. 

International Volunteer Day

On International Volunteer Day, the Centre for Adolescent Health would like to acknowledge and thank Hannah, Steph, Millie, Han, Olufunke and Gianella for their invaluable contributions to the Centre in 2019. 

Should pediatricians treat teens?

​When does childhood end? That’s the question international researchers are asking as they chart age cut-offs for paediatric services around the world. Read Prof Sawyer’s article.

Finding a place to call home

Dr Jess Heerde on reducing the impact of homelessness for young people through establishing a foundation for prevention, breaking down stereotypes, and giving young people a voice. Read the interview.

Homelessness and violence

For young people experiencing homelessness, violence and its threat can become a daily issue of survival and protection. Read more about Dr Heerde and Dr Pallotta-Chiarolli’s work.