Optimising early childhood and family support services

What types of programs and services deliver the greatest benefits to children and families? What would an ideal child and family support system look like?

Dr Tim Moore’s latest evidence synthesis explores these questions and informs the provision of children’s early years services and support for vulnerable families.

The report was commissioned by the City of Port Phillip to inform its provision of early years services, especially for children from vulnerable families. It also serves as a helpful tool to guide governments, service providers and the early years sector on how to approach, invest in and configure early childhood services.

The publication has collated and analysed the evidence on:

  • the nature and importance of the early years and the factors that shape child and family functioning
  • early childhood and parenting services, including antenatal and home visiting services, childcare, playgroups, toy libraries, and preschool education programs
  • key features of effective early childhood, family support and health service systems.

The publication also poses considerations for the future development of early childhood, family support and health care services.

Access the full report

For more information contact Senior Research Fellow Dr Tim Moore

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