When doctors and parents disagree

CCCH Deputy Director, Associate Professor Jill Sewell, spoke on the ABC’s LifeMatters program on Friday 9 September about what happens when parents and clinicians disagree about the treatment for children.

Jill Sewell, in her role as a developmental paediatrician at The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Centre for Community Child Health explained that parents want to do anything they possibly can to support their children to have a better outcome.

“The parents always care. They may be coming at it from a different direction than I am as a doctor but I know that they care deeply about their child”.

A/Prof Sewell explained a trusting relationship between the doctor and family is key.

“It is my absolute responsibility to try and understand their perspective and to try and weigh up the relative harms of a decision made in either direction”, she said.

Listen to the full interview here


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