Warm, responsive, consistent caregivers are critical for the early years

frank-ABCFNQ-2On Thursday 4 August, Professor Frank Oberklaid spoke on the ABC Far North Queensland’s Drive program about the importance of the early years.

“Research that’s emerged over the last 20 years or so tells us that the developing brain is exquisitely sensitive to what’s happening in the environment”.

“What happens in those early years lasts a lifetime”.

During the interview, Professor Oberklaid explains just how critical relationships are between a child and their caregivers.

“Where parents are caregivers are warm, responsive and consistent, and the child has a stimulating, nurturing environment, there’s every chance that child will start off in life and do well later on”.

Listen to the full interview here.

Find out more about how relationships and environments affect the developing brain in our Brain Builders video.

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