New workshop: Sleep from birth to 5 years

CCCH has noticed that practitioners can feel underprepared to provide practical advice and support to parents who are trying to address their child’s sleep issues. To respond to this clear need, we have developed a new workshop for practitioners that focusses on sleep from birth to 5 years. Understanding children’s sleep from birth to 5 years – working collaboratively with parents to achieve better outcomes will run on 28 April, 29 July and 27 October 2016, providing a range of dates for busy practitioners.

This one-day workshop will focus on:

  • ‘normal’ sleep, including an overview of the science of sleep and sleep safety
  • child development, baby cues and sleep requirements
  • evidence-based sleep and settling strategies and their application
  • the parent/child relationship, attachment, temperament and cultural considerations
  • the importance of developing a partnership approach when planning and implementing sleep strategies with parents
  • dealing with transitions and change, such as starting childcare
  • family dynamics and the impact on relationships
  • emotional health considerations for parents.

The workshop will help practitioners to be better prepared to support families to understand their child’s sleep, development, and encourage healthy and age-appropriate sleep habits.

Read more and register for Understanding children’s sleep from birth to 5 years. 

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