Workshop: Strategic framing for effective communication

Everybody appreciates the importance of good communication. It is critical for those who engage in public debate – researchers trying to get their message across to funders or effectively disseminate their results; those who advocate for particular causes or try to influence policy; activists who are trying to mobilise public opinion.

We invite you to join the FrameWorks Institute’s Dr Nat Kendall-Taylor and Dr Julie Sweetland to explore how to develop more powerful communications and advocacy for your work.

Workshop details

Date: Thursday 5 March
Time: 9.30am-4pm
Venue: The Royal Children’s Hospital, 50 Flemington Rd Parkville,Victoria.
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Registrations close 25 February.
Attend this workshop to learn:
• how the deep, enduring cultural models that structure public thinking can prevent advocates’ messages from getting through
• how to use frame elements such as narrative, explanatory metaphors and values that can broaden public thinking
• how to integrate framing strategies in different settings and examples of how these strategies have had an impact on policy elsewhere
• how the use of coherent, complementary messaging increases the potential for significant change.

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Read more about the Centre for Community Child Health and the FrameWorks Institute’s strategic communication work.

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