How health and care services are tackling child poverty

The latest blog in a new series explores the Healthier Wealthier Families pilot in Australia and how the pilot is helping families reduce financial hardship. 

A new blog series by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health is focused on the universal health and social care services that are tackling child poverty. The series will explore three different models of child and family services and how each are delivering interventions to address the root causes of child poverty.

The second blog in the series has just been released and spotlights the HWF pilot in Australia. The Australian HWF pilot is a collaboration led by the Centre for Community Child Health that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of families with young children by reducing financial hardship.

The blog covers:

  • why money matters for children’s development and family wellbeing
  • the evolution of financial wellbeing services in Australia
  • the financial benefits to families who participated in the HWF pilot
  • how expanding HWF will help to boost the financial wellbeing of more families.

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