Partnering with community to plan for change

Imagine a place where community stakeholders are co-designers and co-implementers of locally relevant approaches to improving outcomes for children.

For many years, the Centre has been implementing and refining approaches to supporting service and community stakeholders to engage in shared planning processes that influences how services respond to local needs. We call this the Platforms approach.

Platforms is a community-led approach developed by the Centre. It seeks to improve the environments and experiences of children in the communities in which they are born, live, learn and grow. Platforms is founded on a commitment to working in partnership with families, community members, services, governments and other stakeholders to improve the community conditions that shape children’s wellbeing.

Platforms has been used in a variety of different ways across Australia and has significantly influenced approaches to service integration in some places.

Authentic, relational engagement between professionals and community members in such processes can enable profound transformation. This can be evidenced in services recognising new opportunities for what they do and how they do it. Even more significantly, community contributors to the process can come to discover personal skills and abilities that open up new possibilities as co-authors and co-workers in previously unimagined service approaches.

We can help you implement Platforms

Whether you’re new to Platforms, or would like to build your understanding in a certain area, we have a workshop to suit your needs.

There are five practical Platforms workshops to choose from, that you can take independently or consecutively.

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