Living well with global developmental delay

Dr Tim Moore has been part of a three-year project to develop web-based resources for children living with developmental delay and their families. The Living Well with Global Developmental Delay website is now live. Check it out.

This website has been developed through a partnership of families with children living with global developmental delay, professionals working in the area, and researchers. The project team worked closely together with a working group of parents who have advised on what information families need and how it should best be presented. The team of professionals and researchers has then undertaken the writing of the resources.

The website offers detailed, easily accessible information that is evidence-based. It includes written materials, a learning module and videos featuring individuals and families living with Global Developmental Delay as well as the professionals who work with them.

The project team that Tim was part of was led by Associate Professor Christine Johnston from Western Sydney University and included Professor Danielle Tracey (also WSU), Kerry Dominish (CEO of EarlyEd) and John Forster (CEO of Noah’s Ark).

The project was funded by the Department of Social Services through its Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Information Program. A further 18-month funding has now been provided to evaluate the effectiveness of the resources developed, make the resources available in community languages, and host and maintain the website for a period after its launch to ensure both its usefulness and longevity.

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