Paediatric fellows join our clinical team

We warmly welcome our new fellows who will spend a year undertaking advanced training at the Centre and in a community health setting to become consultant paediatricians specialising in community child health. 

Around 10–15 per cent of the children in our communities experience developmental or behavioural issues, and these children make up over 50 per cent of the caseload in general paediatric care (the recent increase in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder is an excellent example of this area of need).

The paediatricians trained at the Centre are at the forefront of providing assessment, management and long-term care for these children and their families.

As a leader in developmental and behavioural paediatrics, the Centre provides theoretical and clinical training for paediatric trainees that would enable them to complete their training and serve their community into the future.

The fellows complete the Victorian Training Program in Community Child Health. The program equips advanced trainees who are preparing to become consultant paediatricians with the knowledge and skills to provide care for children with developmental, behavioural and psychosocial problems, in the context of their family and their community.

The Program provides one year of training within the six-year paediatric training program (with an option for a second year as the Senior CCCH fellow for CCH trainees).

The program covers four main components:

  • clinical experience at CCCH and the community
  • seminar based learning
  • direct clinical supervision
  • exposure to research, health service development, policy and advocacy roles of CCCH.
2022 CCCH Paediatric Fellows. Pictured left to right: Dr Manognya (Manu) Kamisetty, Dr Amy Williamson , Dr Claire Nogic, Dr Li Lian Kuan and Dr Monique Peris.

CCCH 2022 Paediatric Fellows

  • Dr Claire Nogic, CCCH Senior Fellow – IPC Health Wyndham Vale
  • Dr Amy Williamson – By Five Telehealth Wimmera fellow
  • Dr Elise D’Abaco – North Richmond Community Health
  • Dr Li Lian Kuan – DPV Health Broadmeadows
  • Dr Manognya (Manu) Kamisetty – North Melbourne Community Health
  • Dr Mireille Makary – DPV Health Broadmeadows
  • Dr Monique Peris – Merri Community Health
  • Dr Sylvie Picker-Minh – North Richmond Community Health

As well as our CCCH Honorary Paediatric-Fellows and International Medical Graduates:

  • Dr Einat Martonovich-Lantsberg
  • Dr Ashikin Mohd Nordin

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