How can the education sector support children’s mental health?

A CCCH-led study reports clinicians’ views about how the education system could support student’s mental health.

The study – published in PLOS ONE –  involved 143 Victorian and South Australian clinicians who were interviewed about their views on how the education system could better support student’s mental health and improve access to support services. The clinicians included psychiatrists, paediatricians, psychologists and GPs

The study identified three key themes from the clinician interviews:

  1. The role of schools in supporting individual children
  2. School-based programs to support children and families
  3. Challenges of implementing these suggestions.

Clinicians suggested the education system could play an increasingly important role in improving access to mental health services through harnessing existing staff or co-locating mental health clinicians.

The clinicians in the study also suggested schools could identify at risk children and implement coping and social skills programs.

Read the full paper here

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