Supporting children through lockdown

Catch up on a recent webinar, featuring CCCH paediatricians Dr Billy Garvey and Dr Claire Nogic, giving parents practical tips on how to support children during lockdown.

The Supporting children through lockdown webinar explored the importance of reducing pressure on parents and children, signs children might be struggling and tips for parents on how to respond and where to get help if things become overwhelming.

The webinar was hosted by By Five, Berry Street and the Yarra City Council and was listened to live by over 1500 attendees and has since been viewed over 3000 times on YouTube.

Here is some of the feedback from attendees:

“Every speaker was brilliant to be honest and I was transfixed through the whole webinar”

“All of the presenters were fabulous and contributed something different to the webinar. The bits I found useful were mainly the parts where the individual presenter gave an indication on whether certain behaviours were normal or when to be concerned. This helped with perspective”.

“Short and sweet, home language, by parents for parents, feels so accessible I am going to share to families I am working with”.

View the webinar

By Five

By Five a place-based initiative of the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people across five developmental domains in five geographic clusters.

The By Five Innovation and Equity Hub brings together research bodies, service providers, practitioners and families to build on what already exists and to co-create and trial innovative, place-based services and intervention strategies for children and young people.

The By Five Innovation and Equity Hub is a partnership between the Wimmera Development Association, the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership, and the Centre for Community Child Health at The Royal Children’s Hospital and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. The By Five Innovation and Equity Hub is proudly supported by the Victorian Government and involves education, health and social care organisations across the region.

More information

Learn more about By Five at 

For more tips on supporting families during lockdowns, visit the Raising Children Network.

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