Policy Brief: From consumer to partner

Our new Policy Brief explores the nature and importance of partnerships between parents and professionals. ‘From consumer to partner’ provides evidence-based insights for service providers, professionals and government on how to engage and work with families, particularly those who are experiencing vulnerability and/or those who are marginalised.  

The way we work with families can be a powerful tool for engaging families in services and supporting children’s health, wellbeing and development. Yet, our current system of services and supports does not always succeed in connecting with families, particularly those experiencing vulnerability. 

What is required is a shift from a ‘professional as expert’ model to a partnership model.  This approach helps to develop the capacity of parents and professionals to create the environments and experiences that enable children to thrive.

 Image of Policy Brief 32 From Consumer to partner

The Policy Brief covers: 

  • why partnerships between parents and professionals are important for children’s health and development 
  • the four different types of partnerships and how they affect family outcomes 
  • how effective partnerships can engage and retain parents in service use 
  • the differences between partnering with parents for co-design and co-production of services, and partnering with parents as co-workers. 

And more!

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