GenV launches at more hospitals

More than 5,000 participants (babies and parents) have joined GenV — one of the world’s largest birth and parent cohort studies that aims to transform the health and wellbeing of an entire generation.

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has begun inviting Victorian parents and their newborns to take part in its GenV research project at additional hospitals across Victoria.

After a successful launch at Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital in late 2020, GenV

has now rolled out to a third of Victoria’s birthing hospitals. They’re excited to announce the recruitment of over 5,000 participants (babies and parents) with numbers growing each day.

The project will continue to scale-up Victoria-wide. Over two years, every family having a baby in Victoria will be offered the chance to participate in the study, no matter their background or location.

GenV is one of the world’s largest birth and parent cohort studies and aims to solve problems including allergies, obesity and mental illness. GenV hopes to drive better practice and outcomes by gathering stronger evidence. Information about GenV for health professionals is available here. You can follow GenV on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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