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Hear from CCCH paediatricians in the RCH Kids Health Info podcast – a resource to educate parents on common child health topics.

The Royal Children’s Hospital hosts the Kids Health Info podcast, covering a range of children’s health and development topics.

Hosted by RCH paediatricians Drs Margie Danchin, Anthea Rhodes and Lexi Frydenberg, each Kids Health Info podcast episode features a discussion with different experts on some of the common concerns parents have on children’s health and development topics.

Paediatricians from the Centre for Community Child Health feature in the following episodes:

  • Does my child have ADHD? Associate Professor Daryl Efron, CCCH Consultant Paediatrician, talks about the signs of ADHD and what it means for kids at home and at school.
  • Late walkers and talkers. Associate Professor Gehan Roberts, CCCH Director of Clinical Services talks about the spectrum of development and how parents can support their child in reaching developmental milestones.
  • Is your child struggling at school? Associate Professor Jill Sewell, CCCH Consultant Paediatrician, talks about learning difficulties and how parents can work schools to support their child’s learning.

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You can also check out the full suite of RCH Kids Health Information, including fact sheets, videos and the mobile app.

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