The A-Z on children’s mental health

In the emerging COVID-19 environment, have developed an A-Z online guide to help practitioners support the mental health of children and parents. When families receive the right support early, it helps to prevent stressors from developing into acute health issues.

The evidence-based A-Z toolkit on child, teenage and parent mental health and wellbeing contains nearly 200 articles, videos and guides easily accessible online. Explore a range of topics including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, gender identity, mental health services, risky behaviour, self-harm, abuse, grief, ADHD, autism, anger and anger management, bullying, sleep and more.

For more information about the A-Z on child mental health issues, watch a short video presented by Professor Frank Oberklaid, Paediatrician from The Royal Children’s Hospital.

For parents and carers looking for more information, refer to Coronavirus (COVD-19): family guide.

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