Platforms Guide

Platforms is a place-based, community-led approach that seeks to improve the environments and experiences of children in the communities in which they are born, live, learn and grow. 

Platforms Guide 

The new Platforms Guide: Improving children’s wellbeing through community-led change is a tool designed to support services, community groups and governments to successfully implement the Platforms approach in a community.

The Guide provides an overview of the Platforms approach, including its rationale, principles and intended impact.

Each chapter in the Guide outlines a phase of the Platforms Roadmap and includes:

  • an overview of the phase
  • key steps within the phase (including why they are important and how to apply them)
  • additional resources
  • available support
  • check and reflect questions to monitor your progress.

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Platforms Resources

We’ve developed a comprehensive set of key resources and compiled links to related reading to support you with implementing Platforms in your community. Each resource is grouped into the relevant phase of the Platforms Roadmap.

Resources and links are updated as new material becomes available.

Access the Platforms Resources

Platforms Training

Whether you’re new to Platforms, or would like to build your understanding in a certain area, we have a workshop to suit your needs.

There are five practical Platforms workshops to choose from, that you can take independently or consecutively.

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We also offer customised Platforms support in the form of tailored workshops, facilitator training, consultancy and coaching.

About Platforms

Platforms was developed by the Centre for Community Child Health in 2005 as a tool for improving outcomes for children in the early years through service redevelopment.

It is informed by evidence and over 15 years of experience applying the approach in communities across Australia. Learning from the experience of these communities has contributed to the continuous refinement of Platforms.

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To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.

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