How to turn the tables on kids’ screen time

Parents can be concerned about the amount of time their children spend on devices. New resources from help parents with screen time tips and tools. 

The website has developed a comprehensive suite of new resources for parents looking for screen time tips and tools. The resources are based on evidence and approved by experts and cover topics ranging from how to get the balance right on screens, how to enjoy screen time together in ways that promotes family cohesion to using screens to help children learn.

Children and teens benefit most from screen time when parents watch and play with them. Sharing screen time can also help both parents and children learn new things, start conversations on difficult topics or reinforce your family values on social media and other areas.

The resources emphasise the importance of striving for a balance within families of screen and screen-free time that includes plenty of physical activity, face to face socialisation with peers and family and a good sleep routine.

Family screen time sharing ideas:

  • Ask your child to teach you how to play their favourite video game or learn about their favourite YouTube star
  • Make a video together or start an ongoing game challenge like Scrabble
  • Search together online to learn about something you’re both interested in
  • Use technology while you’re active – such as using a mapping app when bike riding

Start exploring screen time tips and tools here.

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