Helping children to sleep safely

Australia has new regulations to ensure children sleep safely in early childhood education and care settings. A new affordable eLearning will help educators to implement safe sleep policy in practice.

Under the National Quality Framework, early education and care settings are now required to have policies and procedures in place that ensure children are safe while they sleep. Policies and procedures include safe sleep and rest practices, safe environments and equipment and meeting children’s sleep, rest and relaxation needs.

The Understanding sleep and safe sleep practices in early childhood education and care eLearning package has been developed by paediatricians, researchers and early childhood professionals, specifically for early years educators and managers.

The online course provides relevant and practical content for educators and includes professional and parent handouts to support the implementation of new knowledge in practice.

The content covers the full spectrum of sleep in early childhood education and care settings including children’s age-appropriate sleep needs, patterns, cues, habits, settling tips and strategies, and how to ensure safe sleep policy, practice, environments and equipment in accordance with Australian regulations.

At the low price of $45 for all three evidence-based online modules, this affordable eLearning will help educators make a real difference in the lives of children by supporting safe sleep and rest.

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This eLearning was developed by the Centre for Community Child Health at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Early Childhood Australia with support from the Ian Potter Foundation.

For more information, contact Megan Keyes.

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