Bright tomorrows start today

A new national campaign shows the importance of early childhood brain development. 

A new national campaign aims to build community awareness of the amazing way babies learn through positive back and forth interactions with adults.

The innovative campaign Bright Tomorrows Start Today has been developed by CoLab, a partnership between the Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids Institute and is underpinned by the latest child development science.

In the campaign a remarkable animated creature, representing the developing brain of a young child, provides insight into the receptiveness and learning capacity of the infant brain, which forms more than one million neural connections every second.

From birth, babies build skills through regular, active engagement. The Bright Tomorrows Start Today campaign aims to build understanding of the way meaningful moments, early and often, build young brains.

The campaign is part of a broader initiative involving major voices in early childhood development to transform the way early childhood is understood in Australia.

The Core Story for Early Childhood Development and Learning partners include CoLab, Telethon Kids Institute, the Minderoo Foundation, Centre for Community Child Health, Parenting Research Centre, Goodstart Early Learning, the Front Project, Early Childhood Australia, Emerging Minds, B4 Early Years Coalition, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Young People and the Commonwealth Government.

Collaboration partners are working with US-based social research organisation FrameWorks to develop and use an overarching narrative (Core Story) to lift public understanding of early childhood development and learning, using messages and frames that are proven to work.

The Bright Tomorrows Start Today campaign aims to translate the science to build public understanding of early brain development and biological development.

Visit the campaign website.


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