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Sleep is essential for the overall wellbeing, learning and development of infants and children.

Children who do not sleep well may struggle to learn and regulate their behaviour. This can also affect the wellbeing and health of families and may impact the child’s experience in early education and care services.

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) and the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) have partnered to develop a professional learning package to provide early years professionals with evidence-based learnings on children’s sleep.

In addition, this package provides early childhood education and care environments with the tools to facilitate safe sleep practices.

Over three separate course modules, the learning package will examine the science and importance of sleep in the early years and will provide practical solutions for supporting healthy and safe sleeping habits in children.

All information in the modules are in line with the introduction of safe sleep and rest practices (ACECQA, 2017). This learning package has been developed with support from the Ian Potter Foundation.

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