Practicing in partnership

Essential skills for building trusting relationships with families


Do you work with children and families experiencing complex challenges? Do you wonder if you or your organisation could work differently to better meet child and family needs?

Registrations are now open for three exciting events focused on partnership practice: the process of using respectful, compassionate and authentic engagement to build trusting relationships between practitioners and families seeking or needing support.

Held in Melbourne in October, these events will feature Dr Crispin Day, Head of the UK’s Centre for Parent and Child Support and co-author of the Family Partnership Model (FPM) and Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC) program.

For details on interstate events with Crispin, please check with your local state FPM organisation.


About Dr Crispin Day

Crispin is a clinical psychologist who has worked as a clinician, manager and researcher in adult and child mental health. Within the Centre for Parent and Child Support, he leads the research, development and dissemination of FPM, the Helping Families Programme and EPEC.

He leads a program at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Research Unit to improve the outcomes, quality and efficiency of mental health service for children and families. Crispin has published and lectured widely as well as provided advice to central and local government across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Forum: The trials, tribulations – and overwhelming benefits – of building a culture of partnership practice

‘Family-centred practice’, ‘engagement’ and ‘partnership’ are words often used in relation to service delivery – but what do they really mean in practice? What does it look like to truly work in partnership with families, and what does it take for services to adopt a partnership culture?

Dr Crispin Day will outline a successful model of partnership practice – the Family Partnership Model – and a program underpinned by partnership practice – the Empowering Parents Empowering Communities parent-led parenting program – and will explore what is required to support and sustain partnership practices across organisations and within individual practice.

The Family Partnership Model has been implemented widely across Australian family-centred services and has been shown to be instrumental in helping practitioners change the way they work with families and supporting collaborative outcomes between parents and professionals. The Empowering Parents Empowering Communities program is a parent led, professionally supported parenting intervention which is currently underway in Victoria and Tasmania.

Participants will also hear from practitioners and service leaders who have implemented the Family Partnership Model to change their culture of service or program delivery; with practical examples of some of the enabling factors that are required, and some of the challenges that were faced.

Participants will have time to ask questions of our keynote presenter and our panel of on-the-ground experts.

Date: Thursday 25 October

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Venue: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville

Cost: $110 incl GST

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Family Partnership Model practitioner workshop: Sustaining FPM in my practice

A rare opportunity to work in a small group setting with the co-author of the internationally recognised Family Partnership Model.

Practitioners who work from a partnership model can sometimes feel their partnership practice is compromised by structures, processes or a lack of understanding and support from other practitioners that is outside of their control.

This practical workshop will enable practitioners who work from a partnership model to discuss their challenges and explore strategies to sustain partnership in practice with families.

Date: Friday 26 October

Time: 9.30am – 12pm

Venue: The Larwill Studio, Parkville

Cost: $135 incl GST

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Family Partnership Model facilitators masterclass: Facilitating Partnership

Open to only a small number of FPM facilitators

Facilitating FPM courses can be complex for a number of reasons. Facilitators commonly struggle with balancing the content of the model, the unique demands of participants that arise from such a training intervention, and explicitly modelling the Family Partnership Model in their facilitation. This afternoon workshop provides an exciting opportunity for FPM facilitators to share and explore issues that arise in the facilitation of FPM courses with other facilitators and the co-author of the model.

Date: Friday 26 October

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Venue: The Larwill Studio, Parkville

Cost: $135 incl GST

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