Child mental health

Child mental health has long been marginalised in policy and funding discussions.

This Policy Brief identifies an urgent need to change this paradigm and formulate a comprehensive, sustainable and evidence-informed plan to effectively promote and improve the mental health of children and the adults they become.

This edition explores:

  • The increasing evidence that mental health is influenced by potentially modifiable early life experiences.
  • The implications of the research including a proposed integrated approach to child mental health.
  • Considerations for policy and practice to broaden the responsibility beyond the mental health sector so there is a shared approach to promoting mental health.

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About the Policy Brief series

The Centre for Community Child Health Policy Brief series aims to stimulate informed discussion about issues that affect children’s health, development and wellbeing. Each issue draws on current research and evidence-informed practice and explores:

  • why the issue is important
  • what the research tells us
  • the implications of the research
  • considerations for policy and practice.

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