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Policy Roundtable report now available

Emerging patterns in place-based approaches: International perspectives

In July 2017 the Centre for Community Child Health, Opportunity Child and the Victorian Government, hosted the Emerging patterns in place-based approaches: International perspectives roundtable, with generous support from the Creswick Foundation and the ten20 Foundation.

The roundtable provided an opportunity for participants from government, philanthropy and research to collectively examine lessons from the UK and US to inform our policy and approaches in Australia.

A report summarising the day’s presentations and discussions is now available. The report discusses the need to invest in place-based approaches — local solutions to local problems — as a strategy for improving outcomes for children in disadvantaged locations.

Report highlights

  • Presentation summaries from local and international guests including Chris Cuthbert (UK), Michael Little (UK), Brian Head (AUS), Moira Inkles (USA) and Tim Reddel (AUS).
  • Learnings from around the world in place-based approaches that tackle disadvantage with local solutions.
  • Recommendations to help strengthen place-based initiatives, improve the cost effectiveness of community spending and support children, families and communities now for Australia’s future.

Download the report

More information

Visit rch.org.au/ccch/place for more information on place-based approaches, including:

  • presentations from the June 2017 Evidence for Impact Symposium
  • two earlier Roundtable Reports produced by the Centre: Place-based initiatives transforming communities and Place-based reform: shaping change
  • a Policy Brief exploring research on place-based approaches.

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