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Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) is an evidence-based tool for detecting and addressing developmental and behavioural problems in children aged from birth to seven years and 11 months. PEDS resources include a parent completed questionnaire and a practitioner completed scoring and interpretation form.

Two new eLearning courses, Foundation PEDS and PEDS Advanced Practice, are now available online for practitioners, both experienced and those new to PEDS.

Course 1: Foundation PEDS

Foundation PEDS consists of four modules:

  1. Introduction to developmental screening
  2. Understanding PEDS
  3. Using PEDS
  4. PEDS in practice.

The course provides an overview of developmental screening, informs practitioners of the science that underpins PEDS, and provides step by step instructions on the practical application of the tool. Key to the successful application of PEDS is parent engagement. Throughout the course practitioners are encouraged to reflect on their practice and review how they support children and families.

The structure of the eLearning modules allow you to choose how and when to complete them. With a bookmark feature you can save and exit a module when needed and return where you left off.

Practitioners can access the Foundation PEDS eLearning course now. Other PEDS training programs are also available.

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Course 2: Advanced Practice

PEDS Advanced Practice compliments and expands on the PEDS Foundation course.

In this course, you can review and reflect on:

  • the latest research underpinning PEDS
  • your application of the tool
  • the depth of your child development and child behaviour knowledge
  • your understanding of the technical aspects of PEDS, including a review of the latest version of the PEDS forms
  • more case studies and other useful resources.

Course outcomes: 

The learning objectives of PEDS Advanced Practice are to increase practitioners’ PEDS skills through:

  • the ability to review and reflect on PEDS background and materials
  • the ability to critically review their use of PEDS and plan for any changes to their current practice
  • an understanding of the updates to the PEDS materials.

PEDS Advanced Practice could be undertaken in small groups over several weeks, with learners completing sections of the course individually before reforming for group discussion and reflection.

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If you currently use PEDS in your State child health record, or kindergarten or school entry health questionnaire, please check with your PEDS coordinator first to see if they are arranging access to PEDS eLearning for you.

Preview the eLearning courses

Watch a video demonstration of the new PEDS eLearning courses here.

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