Paediatric research that makes a difference: Prof Melissa Wake

CCCH Associate Director Professor Melissa Wake recently presented to the Paediatric Society of New Zealand about how population paediatric research can make a difference to children’s health.

During her keynote presentation, Prof Wake spoke of her interest in “how health and wellbeing get transmitted across generations”.

She is now embarking on a new research study assessing the physical health of children approaching their teenage years and their parents.

The Child Health CheckPoint, a new phase of the Growing Up in Australia study, is a special one-off physical health assessment offered to the 11-12 year old children in Growing Up in Australia and their parents.

The CheckPoint activities will measure heart, lung, kidney and bone health, fitness, strength, vision, hearing, diet, activity and more.

Prof Wake heads up the Child Health Checkpoint. Assessments take place across Australia between 2014-2015.

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