Homelessness and violence

For young people experiencing homelessness, violence and its threat can become a daily issue of survival and protection. Read more about Dr Heerde and Dr Pallotta-Chiarolli’s work.

Middle years

Once considered a latent period, the transition from primary school to secondary school is now thought to be critical in the health and emotional development of students. Listen to the podcast and/or read the interview with Professor George Patton.

AHW webinar series

Throughout the month of August, PMNCH and partners are hosting a weekly webinar. Every webinar a different organisation shares their key learnings, best practises and will discuss opportunities to influence promises, policies and programs to support adolescent health and wellbeing. 

Monitoring the missing half

Adolescent births in Australia have fallen to an all-time low. However, the lack of national data means that we cannot tell whether this decrease reflects lower rates of conception or higher rates of abortion.

Be You Webinar

Dr Lisa Mundy joins the ‘Be You – In Focus webinar’ providing practical tips and strategies to support the whole school community through the primary to secondary school transition phase.