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The Centre of Adolescent Health is once again partnering with the University of Melbourne to deliver an online course centered on Global Adolescent Health. 

The program is taught by two leading academics and CAH co-directors, Professor George Patton and Professor Susan Sawyer.  

The 8-week program explores the dynamic factors affecting the health and wellbeing of young people across the different countries and regions of the world, and what individuals, communities and nations can do to improve their health. So much of what happens during adolescence can impact the future health of the individual, and with 25% of the current population fitting into that 10-24 age group, the health of adolescents has never been more important.  

As the future leaders and drivers of growth, productivity and innovation, young people are our greatest assets, and investment in their health and wellbeing has social, economic and other benefits that continue across their lifespan and into the next generation.  

The course commences on October 19th, with no prerequisites for enrolment. 29 hours of learning will be delivered 100% online, via online video lectures, discussions, quizzes and the submission of written work. Students are encouraged to work through the program at their own pace, engaging with other students, teachers and guest speakers throughout the course.  

Topics covered in the course include the developmental and ecological perspectives on adolescent health, looking into the major health problems of adolescents, adolescent health policy, programming and intervention in the age group. 

There has never been a more suitable time to take on something productive. Escape the boredom of Lockdown, and get some stimulation while learning about a topic of serious global importance. Finish the program with a shareable certificate, and consider yourself part of the growing movement of adolescent health professionals. 

Sign up now to commence October 19! 

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