Dietary recommendation for adolescent athletes

The Centre for Adolescent Health was pleased to contribute to a world-first set of dietary recommendations to help active adolescent athletes achieve optimal health and sporting success. The new position statement, released by Sports Dietitians Australia, provides advice on all aspects of an adolescent’s diet including energy intake; carbohydrate, protein and fat needs; fluid requirements; … Continued

Visiting Scottish academics

The Centre for Adolescent Health was pleased to host four visiting Scottish academics from the University of West of Scotland who spent 10 days exploring a range of programs run by the Centre for Adolescent Health and the RCH, including Adolescent Medicine, the Young People’s Health Service and various programs relating to transition to adult … Continued

Next Steps for Adolescent Health

Adolescents and young adults make up over a quarter of the global population. They are also considered the most pervasively neglected group in global health. Yet a quiet revolution is now bringing recognition that adolescents are central to almost every major challenge in global health. Bringing greater visibility to adolescents and their health has been … Continued