Celebrating our women: Bec from Transition Support

Bec from our Transition Support team has been on both sides at the RCH, having had a heart transplant here over 15 years ago and now working with patients transitioning into the adult health care system.  Bec takes us through her story and how her mother is one of her biggest inspirations.

Celebrating women in our community – Kate, patient parent

Kate is a mother and the Chair of the Parents Advisory Group for the Children’s Cancer Centre here at the RCH, she sat down with us this week and spoke about navigating the complex path of childhood cancer and what she would say to younger women wanting to enter the advocacy space.

Meet our NUMs: Jayne from Emergency

In this week’s instalment of meet the NUMs, Jayne from our Emergency tells us about the unique nature of working in a fast paced environment and what she would have done for a job if she wasn’t a nurse.

Meet the NUMs: Paul from Specialist Clinics!

In this weeks instalment of meet the NUMs, meet Paul from Specialist Clinics.  Paul tells us the most rewarding thing about his role and which famous actor would play him in a movie.