Centre for Health Analytics – one year in


Launched in June of 2021, the Centre for Health Analytics has now been operational for a year. With a vision to unleash the power of data to improve child and adolescent health, the Centre will share some early successes and show how we’re aligned to similar initiatives in the NHS. This presentation will spark new ideas of how to use data, and provide insights into how best to engage with the Centre for Health Analytics to deliver high value data rich work.



Professor Jim Buttery is a paediatric infectious diseases physician and vaccinologist. He is the inaugural Professor of Child Health Informatics at the University of Melbourne. He is Head of Health Informatics, Epidemiology and Signal detection at SAEFVIC (MCRI) and Chief Clinical Research Information Officer & Infectious Diseases Physician at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). Prof Buttery also serves as a member of the TGA Advisory Committee on Vaccines.



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