Launch the teleconsultation guide

The guidance is intended to be relevant in countries where teleconsultation is already used and in countries in which teleconsultation systems are being strengthened.

Violence, criminal justice and gender & the SDGs

Melissa Willoughby is an Editorial Board Member of BMC Public Health. She specializes in the health of marginalized populations with a focus on violence, criminal justice and gender, relating to SDG 5, achieving gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls and SDG 16, promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

Covid and teens

Locked down again? We were pleased to team-up with VicHealth to share some ideas for how parents can support their teen’s mental health at this time.

Teens and cannabis

Teenagers who use cannabis frequently were more likely to have children born preterm when they become parents up to 20 years later.

schools and communities

While all schools are part of their local community, some are developing partnerships and sharing spaces to become hubs for school-community connections. Read more.