Too young for Facebook… old enough for prison?

You’re invited to a special seminar: “Too young for Facebook… old enough for prison? The case for raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility” on Thursday 13th June, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm in the Ella Latham Auditorium, Royal Children’s Hospital.

Catalysing Connections

Please join us on Wednesday 3 April for our inaugural networking event. In this first event we discuss the fragmentation in adolescent health services.

Leaders in Science Seminar

Professor Michel Boivin presenting findings from two birth-cohort studies from Quebec, focusing on early developmental trajectories, gene-environment interplay, and their significance for prevention.

Special seminar

Special Seminar by Prof Nathan Hughes on “The health and developmental determinants of adolescent criminalisation.”

AAAH 2018 Youth Health Conference

This Conference will motivate, educate and showcase research, innovative programs and practical resources via an extensive and comprehensive program including keynotes, proffered paper and poster sessions, workshops and networking.