Driving responsive actions for adolescent health in our region: data as an essential foundation

Adolescent health needs vary substantially across our region, but also within countries by age, gender, ethnicity, remoteness and other factors. For health actions to be responsive to need, we need good quality data that defines these needs. In this session we will highlight efforts globally, regionally and nationally using population data, and we will present a case study of understanding the contemporary drivers of adolescent pregnancy in our region.

Adolescent mental health in Indonesia and Vietnam

The next session in the Advancing Adolescent Health in the Asia Pacific seminar series will be presented by A/Prof Holly Erskine & Dr Amirah Ellyza Wahd, discussing the National Adolescent Mental Health Surveys (NAHMS). The National Adolescent Mental Health Surveys (NAMHS) were nationally representative household surveys of mental disorders among adolescents aged 10-17 years in Kenya, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The Age of Adolescence

In introducing the monthly virtual seminar series, Advancing Adolescent Health in the Asia Pacific: A virtual community to share knowledge and support collaboration, Professor Susan Sawyer AM provided the background of why adolescent health matters, the rationale for an expanded definition of adolescence, and the context for why adolescent health matters in our region. 

Too many young people who’ve been in detention die prematurely. They deserve better.

Young people in contact with the criminal justice system – be it under community-based orders or in youth detention – are among the most marginalised in our society. And the health and health-care disadvantage faced by these young people may be evident for years. Our research found high levels of largely-preventable diseases and avoidable premature deaths for these … Continued

Advancing Adolescent Health in the Asia Pacific: A virtual community to share knowledge and support collaboration

Adolescence is a critical developmental period where health determines developmental trajectories and outcomes during adolescence itself, into adulthood and into the next generation. More than half of the global population of adolescents lives in the Asia Pacific region. Yet globally, regionally and indeed locally in Australia, there are major unmet health needs, inadequate investments in … Continued