Emerging Leaders Publications Award for 2022

The Centre of Research Excellence for Driving Global Investment in Adolescent Health is proud to announce the winners of the Emerging Leaders Publications Award. This award recognizes the quality of publications by early-career researchers in the field of adolescent health and wellbeing, published in 2022. Each winner receives a $1,500 prize, which can be used for retrospective or future research costs. 


The winners of the award are: 

Dr. Amy Peden for her publication titled “Adolescent transport and unintentional injuries: a systematic analysis using the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019” in The Lancet Public Health. 


Dr. Monika Raniti for her publication titled “The role of school connectedness in the prevention of youth depression and anxiety: a systematic review with youth consultation” in BMC Public Health. 


Dr. Shilpa Aggarwal for her publication titled “Child marriage and the mental health of adolescent girls: A longitudinal cohort study from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, India” in The Lancet Regional Health-Southeast Asia. 


We congratulate the winners on their outstanding publications and their contribution to the field of adolescent health and wellbeing. 


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