CRE Youth Advocates TEam

The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Driving Global Investment in Adolescent Health is excited to announce the appointment of the CRE Youth Advocates TEam (CREYATE). 

CREYATE is a group of young people from Australia, China and Indonesia with varying levels of experience in advocacy and research. Aiming to provide a youth perspective to the CRE, CREYATE ensures the CREs research is relevant to the lived experiences of young people and relates to current (or hoped!) advocacy efforts.



CREYATE’s primary objectives are to: 

  • Ensure youth perspectives inform the CRE work plan 
  • Facilitate communication with young people, advocates, and their organisations about the work of the CRE 
  • Discuss further priority areas for the CREs research 
  • Ensure research outputs are useful to the work of youth advocates 
  • Advise on strategies for CRE program areas to engage meaningfully with young people 
  • Support CRE partnerships with young advocates, their networks and organisations. 

Members of the team include Angelica who is based in Sydney, Ashley who is from Zhengzhou in China, Diandra in Jakarta in Indonesia, Effy who is based in Melbourne, Ivy from the Bellarine Peninsula, Jasmine in Bendigo and Sophia who is from Sydney. 

Read more about the CRE here:  



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