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Lead change in the lives of young people by studying Adolescent Health and Wellbeing with us. Choose Grad Cert, Grad Dip or Master.

Australia’s only postgraduate course in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing is delivered online by the Centre for Adolescent Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital, through The University of Melbourne.

Adolescence is a foundational period in the lives of individuals. There has been no time of greater need than now for passionate trained professionals who can make a difference in the lives of our young people. Investments by governments, communities, schools and families in maximising human capabilities across adolescence and young adulthood immediately effect young people during adolescence and reverberate across the lifecourse and into the next generation.

An important investment is to build the knowledge and capabilities of those who work with young people, including teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors, youth workers, community workers, and others, in order that they can be more responsive to the needs of young people. Join a cohort of students from a range of professions from health care, education and justice. The knowledge and skills you gain in areas such as medicine, psychology, sociology, social work, youth work, public health, and health promotion are recognized globally. So apply now to start studying in 2021.

Calling school-based professionals

During the pandemic in Australia, we have seen that of all age groups, it is young people whose mental health has been most affected, notwithstanding their lesser risks of severe respiratory disease. Indeed, the effects of school closures has powerfully reinforced the complex linkages between health, wellbeing and learning. A current priority for Australian schools – and those further afield – is ensuring that school-based professionals understand the variety of ways in which they can act. While investing in appropriate clinical responses is one action, ensuring that preventatively oriented investments are also made is an additional priority. Both are addressed within this course.




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