IVD 2020


December 5 is International Volunteers day, and we wish to thank this year’s student volunteers for the time and effort they have contributed to the Centre. Unfortunately, the circumstance of COVID-19 restrictions led us to halt our project volunteer programs with CATS and 2000 stories, which we hope to continue in 2021.  


Natalie Campbell is a second-year student at RMIT, studying a Bachelor of Communication in Media. Over the last three months she has been working with the Centre remotely, writing for social media, creating campaign content, graphics and assisting our Communications manager with general Communications tasks. Alongside the distribution of content, Natalie has integrated analytics into her placement, investigating how to optimise the Centres social media use for better future engagement. With a passion for writing, Natalie hopes to transpose the Knowledge Translation tools she has learnt in this placement, into future Communications roles. 

Thank you Natalie!






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