Alumni – We need you!

In conjunction with the Centre for Adolescent Health, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne has offered postgraduate studies in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing since 1995.

Offering professional development for individuals who work with young people, and who seek to do so more holistically, the course draws students from a broad range of professions.

Our alumni consist of 660 past students that have completed the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are only in contact with a total of 220 members. In the coming year we plan to reach out to the remaining alumni in order to enhance the benefits of our courses.

Why do we need you?

Our courses enhance professionals’ capabilities to improve adolescent health and wellbeing. It is important for us to determine the impact our course has had on your career path and the further impact on adolescents’.

With your assistance, our courses will have the opportunity to become an even greater asset to future students’ professional careers. Your stories will provide considerable insight and direction for staff to strengthen and extend teaching practice.

To capture this information, we plan to contact alumni and request a short 20-minute interview. We will ask you four common questions in order to generate a story and gauge the true impact of our courses.

The questions will inquire about how you came to be doing the course; the most significant thing about undertaking the course; why this is significant; and what difference it has made to you.

What will this offer you?

The stories we gather have potential to offer points of connection and solidarity across alumni, increasing a sense of belonging to both an education community and a community of practice.

We look forward to conversing with you all soon. We are delighted at the prospect of gathering crucial information that has the potential to increase the success of our course and the impact of our upcoming professionals work on adolescent health and wellbeing.

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