Meet our new International PhD Student!

Yanhui Dong is a 28 year-old PhD student from the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health of Peking University, Beijing, and is undertaking a 6-month exchange program at the Centre for Adolescent Health (CAH). Yanhui’s research involves data analysis on child and adolescent obesity, chronic disease and hypertension and he is currently conducting a cohort study on hypertension in Chinese youth.

Growing up in the Hebei province, Yanhui had prospects of becoming a scientist in any field except medicine. However, after being accepted into a medical course, Yanhui soon discovered that he had a keen interest in medical and health research and is now in the 4th year of his doctorate course. His professor, Jun Ma, recommended that he undertake his studies at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and Yanhui was drawn to the exceptional work that MCRI had accomplished.

Outside of his studies, Yanhui enjoys swimming and playing football. He is particularly fond of the blue skies in Melbourne, and despite being a lover of traditional Chinese cuisine, he is open to try the many foods that Melbourne has to offer. For anyone looking to visit his hometown in Beijing, Yanhui suggests trying the famous Peking duck and the many varieties of street food found scattered around.

Yanhui is looking forward to his time at CAH and aims to strength the collaborative relationship between Peking University, the CAH, MCRI and Melbourne University. Despite having only recently arrived, Yanhui is already interested in continuing his research in Melbourne beyond his 6-month stay.

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