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Sexuality diversity workshops in country Victoria

The Centre for Adolescent Health has partnered with Family Planning Victoria, YEAH (Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS) and VACCHO (Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations) in the delivery of sexual diversity workshops for country Victoria. Over 54 participants from a wide range of organisations attended workshops held in late November in Mildura, Echuca and Wodonga. The workshop was developed as part of the Mind the Gap project funded by DHS, and includes youth leadership training and community grants for local health promotion projects built around sexual diversity. This year the project focuses on rural communities in south-west Victoria.

Rural Women’s Linkage Program (RWLP)

The Invergowrie Foundation is once again funding the Centre’s efforts to support professional development for women in country Victoria. For the 6th consecutive year, eight rural women working with young people will be selected to come together in Melbourne for an intensive seven-day program featuring the clinical and research work conducted at the Centre for Adolescent Health. This year’s program (to be run in September) includes a reunion of all past participants at a Friday conference to reflect on the challenges for country Victoria and the rural women’s achievements.

“It’s probably the most worth while program I’ve done in many years. It’s spurred me on to do further studies….” .      Invergowrie ‘graduate’ .

Training Success in Singapore

The Centre for Adolescent Health and Victoria’s Secondary School Nursing Program worked together recently to deliver a week of training to Student Health Advisors (SHAs) in Singapore.

“The Student Health Advisors Program has been running for only a year in Singapore, so this was a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development to share what’s been learned about effective practice in schools, said Andrea Krelle Manager of Practice & Learning at the Centre for Adolescent Health,  “It’s a dramatic change of scene and working at the interface of education and health isn’teasy, whether you’re in Singapore or Australia!” Pictured with the Student Health Advisors is Andrea Krelle and Jenny Muir from the Secondary School Nursing Program.

Upcoming Forums

The Centre Adolescent Health will be holding two of it forums in the coming months.

Forum 1
Under the Knife
Cosmetic Surgery and Young People

This event is must for anyone interested in how the health sector is dealing with the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery for young people.
Is this a god-send for young people with no other way out? Or are we pandering to society’s demand for physical perfection? Where do we draw the line? This fascinating forum brings to you experts from the fields of surgery, social work and health promotion to share their insights into a controversial and growing area.
Date: Thursday 2-JUNE-11
Time: 9 -12pm
Location: Ella Latham Theatre (RCH)

Dr Bruce Johnstone M.B.,B.S., FRACS
“At the Coalface”
Bruce is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne and the Deputy Director of the Department of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital.
Roberta Honigman
“Doctor Can You Make Me Look Like This?”
A Social Worker in private practice who has worked in consultation with plastic surgeons, counselling patients before and after cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures.
Danni Rowlands
“Body Image Support to Young People”
Danni is the Education Manager (prevention/awareness) with. The Butterfly Foundation working primarily with body image.

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Also, mark this date for an exciting topic being finalised.
Date: Thursday 4-AUG-11
Time: 9 -12pm
Location: Ella Latham Theatre (RCH)

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New postgraduate study option for those working with young people with cancer

A new postgraduate certificate program on adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer care is being offered by the University of Melbourne in 2011, developed by the Centre for Adolescent Health and the onTrac@PeterMac Victorian AYA Cancer Service as a result of funding provided through the federal government’s Youth Cancer Networks Program. The course is the first of its kind in Australia and one of only two in the world. Offered part-time by distance and online learning, the course is designed to enhance the practice of anyone working with young people with cancer, including oncologists, doctors, nurses, social workers, allied health workers, counsellors and teachers. Topic areas covered include theories and concepts relating to the specific developmental context of young people, AYA cancer care within the Australian context and issues surrounding professional practice, healthcare reform and service development.
Post graduate enrolments have boosted this year with the first intake of the oncology stream for 2011. Twenty students from across Australia, from a range of professions working with adolescents and young adults with cancer, have been supported by CanTeen to build the expertise within the sector. Picture here are some of the student’s during the orientation in February

More information on this exciting study opportunity can be found at

Article on Eating Disorders for GP’s

Body image concerns and dieting behaviours are common in young people. These concerns are brought to the fore especially where there has been a greater focus on obesity on our community with interventions that include dieting, weight reduction and increased exercise. When does disordered eating or extreme dieting become an eating disorder? This article is aimed at general practitioners, to help them identify young people who are at risk of, or are in the early stages of an eating disorder. The article also provides information about intervening and providing evidence based care for this group op patients.

Find more information on the article here;
Eating Disorders: Early identification in general practice

Eating disorders team member off to UK on Scholarship

Dr Linsey Atkins, Senior Clinical Psychologist, RCH Eating Disorders Program recently completed the Multifamily Day Treatment training course for Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa at the Maudsley Hospital, London. Linsey travelled to the UK as part of a RCH Travelling Scholarship Award which enables staff to study at leading institutions around the world. Dr Atkins will apply the learning’s from the training to the RCH Eating Disorders Program which provides high quality evidence based family approaches to the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa. In addition to her formal learning, Linsey has returned feeling very excited about the quality of care provided by the RCH to adolescents with eating disorders and their families. “The feedback I received about what we are doing at the RCH was extraordinarily positive”, she said.

New preventative health book available

Why isn’t more attention paid to preventive health? A new book edited by Helen Sykes focuses on just this question. In contributing a chapter on adolescent health, Centre for Adolescent Health academics Professor Susan Sawyer and Professor George Patton join other leading Australian academics such as Professors Fiona Stanley and Sir Gustav Nossal whose contributions span topics such as global health, health policy and health systems, child and adolescent health, indigenous health, ageing and health, mental health and climate change and health. The second part of the book features writing by young people.

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