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Congratulations to Professor George Patton

Congratulations to Professor George Patton, Director of Research at the Centre for Adolescent Health, whose team’s research on youth mortality recently received coverage on The New York Times website. The international study, published in The Lancet this month, was the first to report on the rates and causes of global mortality in people aged 10-24. The work received widespread media coverage both in Australia and overseas. George is head of the Adolescent Health Research Group at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and has joint appointments at the University of Melbourne and Royal Children’s Hospital.

Does Clinical Outreach Make a Difference?

“If I known about Frontyard and YPHS when I was 15, I would have found help then, and maybe my life would be different.” (20yr old homeless mother)

An Evaluation of clinical street outreach in Melbourne’s CBD 2009 – Written by Donna Eade

Executive Summary of the YPHS clinical street outreach (CSO) evaluation, 2009.

YPHS is dedicated to improving the health and life outcomes of homeless young people. We provide a primary health care clinic, a range of health promotion activities, clinical outreach to refuges and clinical street outreach (CSO).
CSO is an approach that can link young people to a youth health nurse – on their terms and on their turf.

Impressed with the value of CSO, nurses at YPHS have recently conducted an evaluation of the CSO program in order to evaluate its worth and to explore how its effectiveness could be improved  Young peoples’ fascinating insights have changed our approach to CSO in fundamental and unexpected ways.The key findings of the YPHS CSO Evaluation are available in the Executive Summary.

Should you require any further information regarding the project and/or a copy of the full evaluation report please do not hesitate to contact Donna Eade at