COVID-19 exposure at the RCH food court

The Department of Health has listed McDonald’s at the RCH food court as a Tier 2 site from 5.00pm to 9.00pm on Friday 20 August. Anyone who visited the site during this time should get tested immediately and isolate until they receive a negative result.  

Happy Book Week!!

Eight-year-old Brooklyn has been a patient of the RCH’s since was born. Despite being legally blind, Brooklyn is still an avid reader who hasn’t let her vision stand in the way of her love for reading.

Tips for helping young children to cope with the news

Many of us are feeling the weight of our screens filled with stories and images of traumatic events from around the globe. Our kids hear and see these things too. Here are some tips from Dr Anthea Rhodes to help you support young children to cope with news updates, and to protect them from potentially harmful images that can be difficult to navigate in our increasingly digital world.

The tipping point: how to safeguard your home from falling furniture

Every Australian wants their home to be a safe and enjoyable place says Dr Warwick Teague. Yet every month, as Director of the Trauma Service at The Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne, he sees a child admitted as a result of toppling furniture in the home.

Champions for Children: Angel from security

The RCH Security staff are often the first faces you see when you enter the hospital, and behind their masks a smile can always be found. This week our #ChampionsforChildren is Angel from security. Click here to read about Angel including his favourite memory from working at the RCH.

Children and COVID-19 vaccines

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate our lives, the focus has now shifted to the vaccine and its role in helping the world return to a new normal. On the back of the COVID-19 vaccine being approved in Australia for children aged 12 and over, right now is a timely opportunity to chat about the vaccine in kids. Is it safe? How does it work? Why do children need to be vaccinated?

Champions for Children: Meet George and Greta

Everyone experiences pain differently and there are many ways to manage pain. For children living with chronic pain, the cause and effects can vary greatly. We chat with George Chalkiadis and Greta Palmer from the RCH’s Children’s Pain Management Service to learn more.