Champions for Children: Meet Arnie

If you’re familiar with Butterfly, you have likely crossed paths with Arnieone of our passionate, dedicated and admired team members.   

After being a nurse for a number of years, Arnie always knew he wanted to work at the RCH. In 2020, he got to fulfill this dream in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Butterfly, now working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and COCOON Care Coordinator.

Growing up, Arnie was an incredibly social person. In high school, he took on leadership roles and was big on volunteering in his local community and the wider world. This continued throughout university and Arnie was able to meet many incredible people along the way.

“Having fun was first and foremost in every facet of my life, and I like to think that fun has stayed with me,” Arnie shared.

“Two things ignited my passion for nursing—the first was volunteering with children in South Africa, and the second was being inspired by my amazing mum whose been an absolute gem of a nurse her entire life.”

Arnie completed his post graduate certificate in NICU before going on to study the Master of Advanced Nursing Practice at The University of Melbourne.

“This has been a highlight for me,” Arnie said. “It’s been great to translate all that learning into practice and has made me a better nurse to my patients and families.”

After landing his dream job at the RCH, Arnie could feel there was something special about the hospital.

“We at the RCH create a community for families to be families whilst they go through their healthcare journey. I live for the working relationships that are made here at the RCH with your peers, your patients and their families.

“It feels really good to be a part of an organisation that puts families first and celebrates the big and small stuff with our patients.”

Meet Arnie

Arnie has always had a strong work ethic and throughout his nursing career, he has said yes to all of the opportunities, and all of the challenges.

“I come to work for my littlest friends, the babies on our unit, and their parents. It is an absolute privilege to look after neonates and be with families through the first time their babies open their eyes, the first time we take the endotracheal tube out, their first feeds and the day they go home.

“In some cases, some of our littlest friends don’t make it home. But even this is an absolute privilege—to be with families and honour their baby’s life, memory and their family as a whole.

“Family centred care is my passion and it is incredible to involve families in care. I am grateful that the RCH allows me to do this every day!”

Having worked at the RCH for a number of years now, Arnie’s best advice is to always be yourself.

“Be vulnerable and remember there are no ‘stupid’ questions! Be kind to yourself and remember, you have a voice, you have your power and you have so much to offer.”

Come and join our team at The Royal Children’s Hospital!

If you have ever thought about joining the RCH and working with people just like Arnie, now is the time. We’re ready for you:

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  1. Edgar Niclair

    We’ll done Arnie-a Champion indeed

  2. Brian Bull

    Arnie is such a brilliant young man, doing amazing work with children. Also what a beautiful legacy his mother had with him. It’s so refreshing to see his passion and values come to life with his hard work and genuine appreciation of all things worth striving for!

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