Poll finds parents are confused about dental care

One in three Australian children do not brush their teeth twice a day and one in ten have had at least one decayed tooth pulled out before they turn nine years old, according to new research by The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll.

The RCH National Child Health Poll has uncovered for the first time that one in three preschoolers have never visited a dentist and many well-meaning parents are confused about how best to keep their child’s teeth healthy.

Here, director of the poll Dr Anthea Rhodes shares a snapshot of the findings and some advice on how to keep kids teeth healthy.

Read more key findings or learn more about the poll at: www.rchpoll.org.au

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  1. Kelly dornan

    My daughter was 3 in November and HATES her teeth been done, she’s also due to have brain surgery at the royal children’s 10th of April. She has no idea and do not understand when we try telling her about brushing teeth. Could you let help me she also don’t like the toothpaste

    • RCH Communications Team

      Hi Kelly. Young children are more likely to clean their teeth regularly if it is a fun activity and part of their usual routine. Some suggestions for keeping your daughter interested in brushing include:
      – singing songs
      – brushing with others (siblings or parents)
      – using a special toothbrush that they have chosen (it may have characters printed on it or is a favourite colour)
      – giving your child a separate toothbrush to play with (e.g. while you brush their teeth, they can brush a teddy’s teeth).
      You can visit more useful resources on our poll website under the tab ‘for parents’: http://www.rchpoll.org.au/polls/child-oral-health-habits-in-australian-homes/

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