Precision Health in paediatric respiratory medicine – physiology is the key


Precision (or personalised) Health is being promoted as the future of healthcare. Indeed, precision health is the key theme of the latest MCRI strategic plan and the focus of much attention on campus. One of the key tools in precision health is genomics. During this Grand Round, Prof Colin Robertson will reflect on his extensive experience as a clinician-scientist in paediatric respiratory medicine. In particular, he will focus on the successes and failures of genomics in conditions such as cystic fibrosis and asthma, and he will contend that the key to using genomics to improve patient care is a strong understanding of physiology in health and disease.



Professor Colin Robertson has been a consultant in respiratory medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital since 1984 and will retire at the end of this month. During his career he has provided world class clinical care to countless children with respiratory disorders and their families while also participating in seminal research in areas including asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary function assessment, congenital airways disease, and childhood interstitial lung disease. As a supervisor and mentor he has guided trainee doctors from around the world, nurses and allied health professionals in pursuing their career goals. He has served as both Head of the Respiratory Medicine Department and Chief of Medicine. Colin has been invited to present Grand Rounds by reflecting on his time at RCH.  Please join us in celebrating the career of a true giant of paediatric respiratory medicine.​


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